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At Impulsivity

My online course can help bring trust and fulfilment back to your relationship.

If your relationship has been damaged and connection and trust has been lost, our Relationship Rebuilding course can help. In a matter of weeks, you can rebuild your relationship and bring back the trust.

Through engaging online video lessons and worksheets you will learn:

  • to understand where your impulses are coming from
    understand and take ownership for any impulsive behaviour that has affected the relationship.
  • Manage conflicts within the relationship that won’t create further damage
  • Communicate better with one another.
  • The link between impulsivity and unhealthy decision making, relationship conflict and anger
  • How to recognise the signs of impulsiveness
  • strategies to change your behaviour and to cope with difficult emotions, forceful impulses and unhelpful thoughts


Couples Counselling at
Blue Horizon Counselling

Couples can be unhappy in many different ways, in different circumstances and throughout different experiences. Sometimes simply focusing on making a life and managing it can take over. Stresses build up and kids demand your attention, and you think: Who has time for a date night?

Your relationship suffers. If you are worried that your relationship is under a lot of stress and you are losing hope, and fear that if it continues this way you will end up unhappy or separated, call Blue Horizon Counselling for help and advice in Sydney CBD & Crows Nest, Sydney.

I provide relationship counselling/couples therapy, mainly following the Gottman Method to Couples Therapy.

I value The Gottman Method to Couples Therapy, because it is evidence-based (which means that strategies were proven to be helpful and beneficial to couples throughout more than 40 years of research). The method has been shown to provide positive outcomes in helping couples to navigate through challenges in their relationships. There are also several great books available to couples, such as: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, The Relationship Cure and A Couple’s Guide to Communication. There is no magic in their approach, their tips and strategies are easy to implement and follow.

If both of you are committed and prepared to step outside your comfort zone to make positive changes then together Blue Horizon Counselling can find a way to get the relationship back on track.