Loving Couples.

Helping you to live happily ever after.

What are Loving Couples?

I believe that every loving couple makes their own rules on how they want to be happy together; however, I think each set of rules shares several points in common:

Loving couples work on their relationship and on keeping their romance alive, rather than expecting it to be easy all the time

They prioritise their relationship and understand the importance of spending time together, connecting, making up after a fight and coming up with new ways to protect their relationship

They show an interest in each other, they continue to learn about each other even after years of being together

They celebrate each other

They are kind to each other (even when they are angry) and if their relationship is in trouble they seek professional help

They are good communicators (or at least they keep trying to be)

They are willing to see each other’s point of view in an argument (even when it is very difficult)

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