What is True Love? Giving or Receiving?

According to Rabbi Dr Abraham Twerski, love is all about the act of giving. The author of numerous self-help books, he is also founder and Medical Director of the Gateway Rehabilitation Centre in the USA.

“We say that we love fish and that’s why we kill it, cook it and eat it.
You love yourself, and the fish taste good that’s why you eat the fish.

“When we fall in love we find a person who we think can provide us with our physical and emotional needs. So we are looking for our own needs, so it’s not love for the other. The person becomes a vehicle for our gratification.

“People make a serious mistake by thinking that we give to those we love, but we actually love those to whom we give. If I give something to you I have invested myself in you, and there is a part of me that is invested in you.

“So the true love is the love of giving not a love of receiving.”